Beaver Valley May Days Society
Box 218, Fruitvale, BC, V0G 1L0

May Days Society Mandate & Policies

The purpose of Beaver Valley May Days Society is to provide a fun weekend for residents of Beaver Valley as a thank you to the community for its support of volunteer organizations and activities throughout the year. Beaver Valley May Days Society and related activities operate entirely on volunteer efforts and donations. Fundraising is not the primary focus, however, volunteer groups who participate in May Days activities may receive an honorarium in recognition of their efforts, if revenues permit.

In order for non profit groups to participate and/or receive May Days funds, the following procedures are suggested:

A representative from the group should attend a minimum of one meeting of the May Days Society. Meetings for the upcoming event start in January of that year. Email to schedule meeting attendance.
The group may volunteer for one of the scheduled activities, such as ticket sales.

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The representative may provide a proposal for the event to be hosted, including the related income and expenses, day and time of the event, approximately how many volunteers will participate and for how long.

Request for assistance with cost of materials or supplies from Beaver Valley May Days Society must be submitted in writing and in advance for approval of the Board of Directors.

When financial assistance is provided by the Society, a full accounting of income and expenses is to be submitted within 10 business days following BV May Days. *Receipts are required.

Distribution of BV May Days revenues/honorariums is at the discretion of the directors of Beaver Valley May Days Society, and will reflect the overall financial success of the weekend and the contribution of volunteer time and energy.

NOTE: Activities may be organized during the May Days weekend without authorization or consent of the Society, provided they do not detract from the regularly scheduled activities and the event is operated independently, without funding or other assistance provided by Beaver Valley May Days Society.

We are a non-profit group dedicated to providing a fun event for the residents of Beaver Valley.

E-mail for more info.